The CON team (Photo © Carola Streib) exists of Johanna Knefelkamp, Laura Schabacker, Gudrun Lange, Katharina Müllerschön, and Carola Streib. These five women are united by the great joy of working together, planning, organizing and moving (themselves and others), and the greater goal of making Bamberg dancier, more moving and more creative.

Johanna Knefelkamp: is a trained dancer, dance educator and choreographer. Born in Bamberg, she completed her Master's degree as International Artist Educator at the ArtEZ University of Arts in Arnhem Netherlands in 2017. For several years she has been working in different areas of the discipline of dance on an international level. In 2019 she opened CON Bamberg: Space for Dance, Movement and Creativity.  

Laura Schabacker: Born in Bamberg, she completed her studies in Contemporary Dance Education at MUK Vienna in 2013. Since then she has worked as a dance educator, dancer and choreographer in the cities of Bamberg and Vienna. For her pedagogical work she received the C.C. Buchner Award in 2019 and the Magellan Award in 2020 and was invited to festivals all over Germany with her inclusive dance ensemble Wackelkontakt.

Katharina Müllerschön: has been attending modern dance training for about 30 years and has raised three dancing daughters: Johanna Knefelkamp and one of her sisters chose dance as their career. Katharina has worked in self-employment for 15 years and has always organized events and functions. The enthusiasm for moving arts and art, that moves you, accompanies her all her life.

Gudrun Lange: studied modern dance in Rotterdam and NYC, has produced 20 pieces as a choreographer with collaborating artists and/or young people, published a book, an installation, seven articles, directed a company and installed a workspace, completed a master's degree in dance and movement therapy, and works as executive director at Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg e.V.

Carola Streib: Born in Karlstadt, she studied art education at the University of Hildesheim. She works at the Office for Culture and Leisure in Nuremberg, at KinderKunstRaum on AEG in Nuremberg and at Kunstkracher in Bamberg. She is also on the board of LJKE: Landesverband der Jugendkunstschulen und Kulturpädagogischen Einrichtungen Bayern e.V. and works with LKB:BY Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Bildung Bayern.

Dies ist das Team in Bamberg, das gleichzeitig Teil des contweedancecollective ist.

Photo © Carola Streib